Hannah Peel

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Setting up a shot from Benedict Schlepper-Connolly’s Dust. Photograph:  Kip Carroll

“If I wanted to do this I wouldn’t have started from here.” It’s such an obvious point that nobody has actually yet bothered to make it to me about an(...)

Memory and dreams are the guide ropes that Craigavon’s Hannah Peel uses to pull her new solo album together. This fascinating artist is adept at movi(...)

HAnnah Peel: “The ability to be fast and quick is really important so it doesn’t become stagnant”

We fume and give out when public transport lets us down. But very few of us do as Hannah Peel did and turn our annoyance with trains and buses into a(...)

Those who’ve followed Erol Alkan and Richard Norris’s twists and turns on their Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve voyage over the last decade will be forgiv(...)