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The 2014 Man Booker prize ceremony at London’s Guildhall. Photograph: Getty Images

An overwhelming majority of authors in the Folio Academy, which includes Irish writers John Banville, Colm Tóibín, and Belinda McKeown, along with Mar(...)

Moshin Hamid: “It’s entirely possible to construct a society which is much more equitable but doesn’t put restrictions on migration.” Photograph: Anna Huix/The New York Times

“My sense is that there’s a real fear of the future right now,” says Mohsin Hamid. “People all over the world are finding it hard to imagine a future (...)

Akhil Sharma to aspiring authors: “Don’t do it! And if you are going to do it, take joy in the satisfactions that come from writing and don’t wait for the book to be done to be happy”. Photograph: Bill Miller

Born in India and raised in the US, Akhil Sharma is the author of An Obedient Father, for which he won the 2001 PEN/Hemingway Award and the 2001 Whit(...)

Lucy Kellaway: “That the corporate world is so very badly in need of storytellers is a very bad sign. It shows that we don’t think our jobs are enough without them.” Photograph: Getty Images

What is your most valuable asset? If you take the question in monetary terms, the answer is probably your house. Equally, you could say it was your h(...)

Mohsin Hamid, author of the bestselling novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist, is not a typical Pakistani Muslim. He argues eloquently that there is no s(...)

Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid. Photograph: David Sleator

Mohsin Hamid has done it again. His 2007 novel, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, hit the zeitg(...)

Move to the City. Get an Education. Don’t Fall in Love. Avoid Idealists. Be Prepared to Use Violence. These early chapter headings in Mo(...)