Guido Bellido

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Peru’s president Pedro Castillo  congratulating newly sworn-in prime minister  Mirtha Vásquez  in Lima on Wednesday. Photograph: Peru presidency/AFP via Getty Images

Peru’s leftwing president Pedro Castillo has announced a significant cabinet reshuffle, ousting his divisive prime minister Guido Bellido and distanci(...)

People hold signs that read ‘Béjar Out’. Minister’s resignation is the latest setback for new president Pedro Castillo, who faces a battle to have his cabinet approved by the opposition-dominated congress. Photograph: Gian Masko/AFP via Getty

Peru’s new hard-left president Pedro Castillo saw his rocky start in office worsen this week when he lost his foreign minister after just 19 days to a(...)

Peru’s new prime minister Guido Bellido (left) raises his fist next to  the president of Peru, Pedro Castillo. Photograph: Ernesto Benavides/AFP via Getty

A day after being sworn in as Peru’s president, Pedro Castillo has appointed a far-left lawmaker and member of his Marxist party, Guido Bellido, as pr(...)