Brow Head bears the distinction of being the most southerly point on the Irish mainland.

Among the numerous headlands and rocky shoals of the southwest, each with its own singular characteristics, Brow Head bears the distinction of being t(...)

Margaret Burke Sheridan and director Vincenzo Bellezza in London by Erich Salomon in 1938. Photograph: Wikimedia Commons

“Miss Sheridan is Irish. But either by instinct or by luck, she sings like an Italian.” This, from a Milan Review of Margaret Burke Sheridan’s 1919 de(...)

Ceannabhan Cottage in Derrigimlagh Clifden, Co Galway

There is a bit of a hooley going on in Clifden until this Sunday, June 16th. Not only are there regattas, exhibitions and documentaries, followed by a(...)

Charlie Connelly mixes historical anecdote with reportage and memoir as he goes “in search of the magic of radio”.

A veteran of the Royal Air Corps during the first World War and a cousin of the writer Aldous Huxley, Capt Peter Eckersley seems like an unlikely prec(...)

Nikola Tesla: developed Faraday’s  induction invention

I detest power cords and cables for my various smart devices and domestic appliances. Why is it that almost every device seems to require a different (...)

Dromoland Castle: a number of books bought at a 1962 liquidation auction at the castle are leading the Exceptional Estates sale at Blackwell Auctions of Clearwater, Florida

Books which once graced the library at Dromoland Castle are to be sold in the US next week. A number of books bought at a 1962 liquidation auction at (...)

Alcock and Brown: The aircraft takes off for Clifden from Canada on June 14th, 1919. Photo by SPPL/Getty Images

If you ask Google to tell you who first flew non-stop across the Atlantic it will most likely throw up the name Charles A Lindbergh. But, as the poet(...)

Lucan House, residence of the Italian ambassador to Ireland. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The grounds of Lucan House, nestled between the old Galway road and the River Liffey, reveal the history of the demesne, which dates to 1560. Gen Patr(...)

Riders start for the second stage of the 97th Giro d’Italia cycling race. Photograph: Luca Zennaro/EPA

The Italian invention of the radio was marked today as the riders of the Giro d’Italia sped through the seaside town of Ballycastle on the edge of Nor(...)