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Gavin Moran left Ireland for the US in 1994

As creative cinematic director at Epic Games, the majority of Gavin Moran’s work revolves around Fortnite Battle Royale, currently one of the most pop(...)

Fairy Magic, the 3D app hit released by Belfast-based InLifeSize.

Could a virtual Queen of England and a trusty, over-confident space-hopping soldier be among the rising stars of the local economy in 2015? Bel(...)

Sixteen South’s ‘Pajanimals’, co-produced with the Jim Henson Company, is filmed in Belfast watched in an estimated 300 million homes globally. Photograph courtesy of Sixteen South

Lily may be just five years old and her best friend may be a clever seagull but the pig-tailed treasure is one of the key reasons why 75 people have a(...)