Greg Jackson

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Greg Jackson set up AutoPlan in March and the  company’s aim is to turn the company into a one-stop shop for all statutory and data requirements for the architectural process.

Tedious administrative tasks are the bane of many people’s working lives and it seems architects are not immune, especially when it comes to preparing(...)

April Ayers Lawson: Her “meticulous prose contrasts with the chaotic lives of her characters. Preoccupied with sexuality, ownership and identity, the scenarios  are often deeply uncomfortable.”

The strange scenarios of Southern Gothic fiction are alive and unwell in April Ayers Lawson’s stirring debut collection. In Virgin and Other Stories, (...)

A love of storytelling: debut novelist Tony Tulathimutte

“In respect that it is solitary, I like it very well; but in respect that it is private, it is a very vile life.” The first of many epigraphs in Tony (...)

Prodigals by Greg Jackson: “What had Susan been like all those years ago, before intensity came to seem a burden and discretion led her to hide away the treasure of herself, discovered and buried some day long ago under a soil of rotting youth?”

The storm was coming. The storm was coming. For days that’s all we heard. How big it would be. How the colliding systems might encounter each other. (...)