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London Letter

 Talks between the British government and the Labour Party have fallen into a familiar pattern, with each meeting followed by a moderately optimi(...)

Dr Graham  Gudgin and Ray Basset claim in “Getting Over the Line: Solutions to the Irish Border” the UK government should pursue the maximum facilitation (max-fac) arrangement – which involves using new technologies – to break through the Brexit impasse. Photograph: Brian O’Leary/

A UK/EU free trade agreement and technical solutions to Border crossings would enable the UK to leave the single market and customs union “while prese(...)

Pro-EU demonstrators wave a conjoined EU and UK flag at Westminster. Many Remainers tell those who backed Brexit how stupid and ignorant they are. Photograph: Andy Rain

The snow was falling fast, muffling the sound outside the tall sash window as it gathered and thickened on the empty street. Inside, as we sat around (...)

The reality is that both the Dublin and Belfast Governments will be very keen to keep the border as open as possible. It is unlikely that controls on personal movements will be introduced, and certain that no trains will be stopped as Fintan O’Toole suggested recently. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Much has made recently of the fact that Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU. In the UK as a whole, 52 per cent voted to leave but in Northern I(...)