Goldie Hawn

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Infinite options: Choose your streaming service, point the remote control in the right direction and get watching the festive fare of your choice.

Streaming was supposed to make our lives easier. Not only would it give us greater choice while simultaneously cutting down on the clutter of having a(...)

A famous mogul with the crazy dream of one day being US president

The most terrifying thing Ruby Wax ever did was climb aboard a private jet with Donald Trump. Her body language is that of a deer caught in the headli(...)

Hollywood royalty: Goldie Hawn in the mid-1960s. Photograph: Silver Screen Collection/Getty

Goldie Hawn is Hollywood royalty, but that’s not how she sees it. Sure, she won an Oscar at 24, for her role starring opposite Ingrid Bergman and Walt(...)

Instagram influencer  Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen) and her unhinged stalker Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) in ‘Ingrid Goes West’:   social media misquotations and mistranslations  pepper the movie

In television-land, the “sadcom” likely peaked sometime between Phoebe Waller-Bridge sobbing through the denouement of Fleabag and Sarah Lynn’s visit (...)

Dakota Fanning: “If you’re not challenging yourself, that’s no fun.” Photograph:  Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

For the longest time, Dakota Fanning was framed as an “old soul” by her invariably impressed co-stars. Glenn Close deployed the phrase when, in 2005, (...)

Transformers: The Last Knight - the stench will remain for centuries

Since the late 1970s, when Jaws and Star Wars changed everything, the American summer has been defined by a “blockbuster”. The word originally meant a(...)

Diane Keaton arrives for the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Gala   in Hollywood where she received a lifetime achievement award earlier this month. Photograph: EPA/Paul Buck

Will Diane Keaton be like Diane Keaton? It’s not such an absurd question. Forty years ago, in Annie Hall, she played a character with the actress’s ow(...)

Going south: Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer  in Snatched. Photograph: 20th Century Fox

A comedy exploiting the contrasting talents of Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn would be a very good idea indeed. Maybe, someone other than Jonathan Levine(...)

Smooching stars: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell at the unveiling of their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Photograph: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

What’s Hot #TitleTales The fun game from @DubrayBooks. Stacking up your books to make short stories from the titles is Twitter-addictive. Dublin 8(...)

Writer-director-actor Warren Beatty in Los Angeles: “Rather than sit around and mourn the demise of the big screen and an audience of hundreds, we should be waiting for a revival of movies that are not sequels: a revival of the unknown.” Photograph: Emily Berl/New York Times

There’s a photograph of Warren Beatty that I’ve often wondered about. In it, Nancy Reagan is beaming like a star-struck teenager. Warren Beatty is bes(...)

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