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House minority leader Kevin McCarthy speaks at a roundtable discussion about education in the US Capitol in Washington, DC. Republican-run states are passing Bills to ban the teaching of ‘critical race theory’.  Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign watch phrase was “it’s the economy, stupid”. Today it would be “it’s the culture, idiot”. Clinton’s front line was Ame(...)

US president Joe Biden: Many who were sick of Trump chaos and ineptitude are now sick of Biden chaos and ineptitude. Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

In Shakespeare, when characters want to fulfil their desires, they escape to what’s been called the Green World. And that’s what Democrats promised vo(...)

Glenn Youngkin, governor-elect of Virginia: walked a tightrope to appeal to Donald Trump’s loyal base of supporters while also scooping up independents who had eschewed the former president. Photograph: Al Drago/Bloomberg

As she campaigned for Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia, last week, US vice-president Kamala Harris told voters that (...)

Virginia Republican gubernatorial winner Glenn Youngkin shakes hands with supporters in Chantilly, Virginia. Photograph: Ken Cedeno/EPA

Domestically embattled and with his poll ratings in decline, Joe Biden needs some wins. Deals on global minimum corporate tax rates, reducing methane (...)

Virginia governor-elect Glenn Youngkin celebrates his election win with supporters in Chantilly. Photograph: Al Drago/Bloomberg

The Virginia governor’s race has always been treated as a referendum on the White House incumbent. The result this time – with Democrat Terry McAuliff(...)

Glenn Youngkin, governor-elect of Virginia: ‘Together, we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth.’ Photograph: Al Drago/Bloomberg

Republican Glenn Youngkin has won the Virginia governor’s race in a crushing result for President Joe Biden and his Democratic party with just a year (...)

Glenn Youngkin, Republican gubernatorial candidate for Virginia, at a campaign event in Leesburg on Monday. Photograph: Al Drago/Bloomberg

A hotly contested governor’s race in Virginia, where voters head to the polls on Tuesday, is being closely watched by Republicans and Democrats as a k(...)

Senator Joe Manchin: “I am open to supporting a final Bill that helps move our country forward.” Photograph:  Pete Marovich/Getty Images

US president Joe Biden’s hopes of gaining congressional approval for his sweeping domestic agenda, including climate proposals he is touting in Glasgo(...)

US president Joe Biden should spell out his red lines, but it is unclear where, if anywhere, they lie.  Photograph: Tom Brenner/Bloomberg

Ideally, a party in power should run on its accomplishments. In their absence, the next best thing is to terrify voters about the alternative. This i(...)

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate for governor, campaigning in Norfolk, Vírginia, on Sunday. Photograph: Eze Amos/New York Times

At a corn maze and pumpkin patch in northern Virginia this month, former Carlyle chief executive Glenn Youngkin set out his stall. Dressed in a Nantu(...)

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