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Spared from death row
  • US
  • March 13, 2014, 01:00

In the end the sheer dysfunctionality of the US death penalty system saved the life of Glenn Ford. Ford, one of the longest serving prisoners o(...)

 A video  grab provided by WAFB TV shows former Louisiana State Penitentiary death row inmate Glenn Ford as he walks out of the prison in Angola, Louisiana, yesterday.

Glenn Ford has been freed from the notorious Angola prison in Louisiana having lived under the shadow of the death sentence for 30 years. He be(...)

Glenn Ford, a California native who did occasional yard work for murdered jewellery shop owner Isadore Rozeman, was found guilty in 1984 and was sentenced to die by electrocution, then the state’s method of execution.

A Louisiana man who has spent nearly three decades on death row walked free yesterday after prosecutors asked a judge to set aside his first-degree(...)