Glenn Branca

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 The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock: giving Jim Larkin and James Connolly the epic musical treatment

A concept album in four movements based around the infamous 1913 Lockout in Dublin? If it doesn’t exactly sound like easy listening or a drivetime cla(...)

This Heat members back in the 1970s in their Cold Storage studio rehearsal days: Charles Hayward, Gareth Williams and Charles Bullen. Photograph: Lesley Evans

Three men in the bones of a meat factory. Camberwell, 1976. A reel-to-reel tape turns and records Charles Hayward, Charles Bullen and the late Gareth (...)

Ayse Hassan, Gemma Thompson, Jehnny Beth and Fay Milton of Savages

‘I used to stay up late to listen to John Peel as a teenager. I’d sneak into the kitchen, so I wouldn’t wake up my parents, and dance in my soc(...)