Biomethane generates 8 per cent of the EU’s total renewable energy sources and accounts for 4 per cent of all gas use, the conference heard. Photograph: iStock

The extent of the Republic’s food industry waste and farm feed stocks means it stands out in the EU because of its suitability for biomethane producti(...)

By 2030 and 60 per cent of new car sales will be electric vehicles, ESB chief executive Pat O’Doherty predicted. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Widespread adoption of electric vehicles and replacement of domestic heating systems using fossil fuels with heat pumps will be key to decarbonising I(...)

Calor Gas chief executive Gino Vansteenhuyse said BioLPG is a “cleaner, more sustainable choice” for consumers.

Calor Gas has launched a renewable liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for homes and businesses that offers up to 90 per cent lower emissions than existing (...)