Gilles Kepel

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The cordoned-off Bataclan concert hall in Paris, November 16th, 2015. The “Beyond Chaos: In the Aftermath of the Arab Upheavals” launch occurred on the third anniversary of the massacres. Photograph: Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images

When the French academic Gilles Kepel went to Damascus to study Arabic in 1977, the two most salient features of the Middle East were the Arab-Israeli(...)

Britain’s prime minster and Conservative Party leader Theresa May gives a campaign speech in  London on Sunday. If politics is to stay serious, more is required of May. Photograph: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images

In London: The Biography, Peter Ackroyd’s take on perhaps the most-documented city since Rome, the first three index entries under London Bridge are “(...)

French flags fly at half-staff as a boat patrols near the site where a truck barreled for more than a mile through a crowd watching Bastille Day fireworks the night before, in Nice, France, July 15, 2016.  (Dmitry Kostyukov/The New York Times)

It is not often that the French president addresses the nation at 3.45am, even in a country where heightened vigilance has become the norm. A few hour(...)

Muslims hold the French flag in the Great Mosque of Strasbourg on November 20th last year to pay tribute to the victims of the  Paris terror attacks. Photograph: Patrick  Hertzog/AFP

Last year’s jihadist attacks in Paris and the fascination that Islamic State holds for thousands of French youths “is not about the radicalisation of (...)

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and US ambassador to France Jane Hartley, pay tribute to the victims of November 13th terror attacks in Paris, at the Place de la Republique. Photograph: Jacques Demarthon/AFP/Getty Images

The French writer and statesman André Malraux allegedly predicted that “the 21st century will be a century of religion or it will not be at all.” Th(...)

A minute’s silence in Paris for the victims of the November terror attacks which claimed the lives of 130 people. Photograph:  Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

It was as if the nightmares of New York on 9/11, Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005 had returned with a vengeance. Jihadist attacks opened and closed 2(...)

A couple stand in front of the Jewish Museum  in Brussels where four people were shot. “The danger of a European 9/11 is more real than ever,” Jean-Pierre Filiu, a Syria expert and professor at Sciences Po told “Libération” newspaper. Photograph: Reuters

The arrest of Mehdi Nemmouche (29), a French Muslim suspected of having murdered four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels on May 24th, has heighte(...)