Mourners surround an ornate hearse, pulled by six black-plumed horses, carrying the body of Vittorio Casamonica to the Rome suburbs where his funeral Mass was celebrated on August 20th. Photograph: Reuters

As Rome funerals go, it was hardly your understated, run-of-the-mill event. For a start, the ornate hearse was pulled by six black horses. For a secon(...)

Last week’s scandals involving the Milan Expo exhibition and the Forza Italia party of Silvio Berlusconi (above) run the risk of turning a solid abstentionist vote into a Eurosceptic or protest vote. Photograph: Daniel Dal Zennaro/EPA

Just when Italy needed them least, along came another set of Mafia and corruption scandals to set up the Eurosceptics for a field day when Italy vo(...)

Under Berlusconi, populism, in an undemocratic mould, has made headway. Photograph: Getty Images

How many people in Ireland can name Italy’s current prime minister or president? Not many. Even fewer would be able to name two or more current figure(...)

Centre-left Ignazio Marino celebrates after being elected new mayor of Rome.

Italian politics has produced yet another helter-skelter moment with the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) walking away with almost all the spoils in (...)

The four tourists were charged €64 for three scoops of ice cream each. Photograph: Getty Images/Dorling Kindersley RF

A group of British tourists who were charged €64 for four ice creams in Rome have received an apology and have been invited to return to the It(...)