Gerry Whyte

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Prof Gerry Whyte from TCD. Photograph: Alan Betson

Repealing the Eighth Amendment will not take the Republic back to the constitutional position on abortion that existed prior to its enactment in 1983,(...)

‘Advocates of abortion use technical terms  – or, preferably, non-technical, broad, and misleading terms such as a collection of cells – to detract from the reality that the miracle of a new human being has come into existence.’

“Hard cases make bad law” is a truism based on tragic experience. The campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution is based, it seems t(...)

The most obvious interpretation of any decision to delete article 40.3.3 is that the people will have decided to completely withdraw constitutional protection from the unborn

Just as one cannot step into the same river twice, a simple repeal of the Eighth Amendment will not take us back to the constitutional position on abo(...)

Trinity Law Professor Gerry Whyte. Photograph: Aidan Crawley/The Irish Times

The power enjoyed by Catholic Church in Ireland was responsible in part for the scandals that have emerged in recent years, a conference in Trinity Co(...)

Hilary Dully: “We were never actually told that they wouldn’t show it, and it was kind of suggested that they would – but not then.” Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

For Tuesday, March 29th, 1994, the TV highlights published in this newspaper listed a UTV programme exploring the phenomenon of stigmata, and BBC1 of(...)

The Mater Hospital, Dublin. A member of its board of governors recently asserted that its ethos prevented it from providing lawful abortions. Photograph : Bryan O’Brien

There has been continuing political controversy concerning the obligations imposed on hospitals by the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act. An ear(...)

The President’s discretion

The decision by President Michael D Higgins to convene the Council of State on Monday for consultations on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bil(...)