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Mary Victoria Clarke on her wedding day in Denmark as she gets ready to wed Shane MacGowan.

Singer-songwriter Shane MacGowan has married his long-term girlfriend Victoria Mary Clarke. The pair, who have been together for 32 years and engaged(...)

 Shane MacGowan pictured backstage at the National Concert Hall  with President Michael D Higgins, Johnny Depp and Victoria Mary Clarke. Photograph: Mark Stedman

Some of Ireland’s best known politicians, musicians and artists are attending a tribute gala to the former Pogues singer Shane MacGowan who turned 60 (...)

 Gerry O’Boyle, of Land League West, at repossessed houses in Hazel Downs Estate, Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo. Photograph: Keith Heneghan

‘You see up there?” says Gerry O’Boyle, on a road outside Kiltimagh, Co Mayo. He points to a jeep blocking a driveway that leads up to a modest far(...)

 A group of demonstrators gathered at Castlebar Circuit Court, Co Mayo, to protest 110 repossession cases to be heard by the court. Photograph: Keith Heneghan

Holy water was sprinkled and part of the rosary recited in unusual scenes at Castlebar Circuit Court in Co Mayo, where 110 cases of repossession were (...)

The Land League said up to 120 people had joined a  demonstration outside Roscommon courthouse (above) last week and the group  expected at least a similar figure in Castlebar on Monday. Photograph:  Gary Ashe/Allpix.

The Land League, a movement claiming to support families threatened with the loss of their homes through repossession, plans to step up its campaign (...)

 A  New Land League member at Gorse Hill,   home of Brian O’Donnell,  earlier this month. Photograph: Eric Luke

Members of the New Land League held a candlelight vigil outside Roscommon Courthouse yesterday to support homeowners under financial pressure.The New(...)

Victoria Mary Clarke, second from left, beside her partner, Shane MacGowan, followed by Gerry O’Boyle. Far right, Chris Gascoyne, who plays Peter Barlow

I am sitting in the Coronation Street Rovers Return pub on a Sunday afternoon, having a gin and tonic with Peter Barlow. This is a momentous occasion (...)