VW is making a bold pitch with its new fully-electric ID.3: emobility for the masses, that means electric mobility for the millions, not only for the (...)

From the sketch shown, it’s clear that the eighth Golf looks like… a Golf - hardly a surprise, and VW was never going to mess with a winning formula

Volkswagen has shown off initial design sketches for the new eighth generation of Golf. The new Golf has already had its launch delayed once – it(...)

The Government’s target to have 950,000 electric vehicles on the roads in the Republic by 2030 is already being described as unrealistic within the motor trade. Photograph: Alexander Becher/EPA

A senior motor executive in Ireland has warned that the market for new cars in Ireland could plummet to as few as 55,000 sales next year if the Govern(...)

Volkswagen’s new  all-electric ID.3 car is being billed as the most important car from the company since its launch of the Beetle or the Golf

Ireland could be in the front seat of the global move to electric cars, according to the boss of the Volkswagen brand in Ireland. Gerrit Heimberg, br(...)

Gerrit Heimberg: he says   the current market share for electric cars is  limited by the lack of car choices

Electric cars will make up over 20 per cent of total new car sales in Ireland by 2021, according to the head of the Volkswagen brand in Ireland. Sal(...)

The Polo, in many ways, is the true successor to the original Beetle

Volkswagen ended 2017 on a relative high, the best-selling brand on the Irish market and with an optimism for 2018 that seems contrary to many others (...)

While the Polo has shifted more than 14 million cars since its first generation was launched in 1975,  in Ireland it’s outsold by its own close relative the Golf and by its key rival, the Ford Fiesta

Volkswagen’s new Polo will arrive in Ireland in November, ahead of UK sales, following an unveiling in Germany on Saturday. Away from the glitz of a m(...)