A member of the Hungarian police closes a razor-wired fence at a migrant transit centre near Roszke, at the border crossing with Serbia. File photograph:  Oliver Bunic

Hungary has announced that it is reluctantly closing the “transit zones” on its border with Serbia, after the European Union’s highest court ruled tha(...)

 Hungarian soldiers disinfecting  an elderly care home in Budapest where eight pensioners died due to  coronavirus.  Photograph: Gergely Botar/AFP

Hungary’s government plans to ease coronavirus lockdown measures across most of the country next week, but tighter controls will continue in Budapest,(...)

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban: has aimed his hard-line policies at migrants, the homeless, liberal NGOs and the Soros-funded Central European University.  Photograph: Hannibal Hanschke

Hungary’s government plans to hold a survey of citizens’ views on issues including how schools and prisons are run, after it was ordered to pay compen(...)

People attending a protest against the new labour law in front of the Parliament building in Budapest on December 13th, 2018. Photograph: Bernadett Szabo

Hungarians have staged another rally against prime minister Viktor Orban’s nationalist government after it pushed through more controversial reforms, (...)

Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, says he is leading the country into a new era of deep political and cultural change. Photograph: Akos Stiller/New York Times

Hungary’s nationalist ruling party has defended its decision to scrap state funding for university gender studies courses, which critics of prime mini(...)

Viktor Orban: his allies passed the new law as the EU launched legal action against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic for their refusal to accept quotas of refugees. Photograph: Laszlo Balogh/File Photo/Reuters

Hungary’s parliament has voted to tighten control over non-governmental organisations that receive financing from abroad, as prime minister Viktor Or(...)