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Aid:Tech approached the Irish Red Cross with the technology and partnered with them to deliver aid to Syrian refugees

AID:TECH Support for young mothers in remote areas of Tanzania, aid to Syrian refugees in northern Lebanon and assistance for struggling farmers in S(...)

The Priviti solution allows customers to both grant and revoke consent for data-sharing securely, and no sensitive credentials are ever shared, stored or monetised

The advent of GDPR and the EU PSD2 open banking directive could hardly have been more timely for Galway-based Priviti. Established in 2015 by Gerard B(...)

Defence Forces: there are a number of outstanding pay adjudications which have been on hold, in some cases for years, as a result of the financial crisis. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

The Government is expected to signal this week that it is prepared to hold talks about permitting military representative bodies to affiliate to the I(...)

I’d say people not familiar with farming would have had problems”: James Conway, TUI subject representative,  on the Agricultural Science paper

Students of biology found themselves at an advantage yesterday on a Leaving Cert agricultural science paper with plenty of genetics, animal and (...)