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Wilton Castle, in Co Wexford. Photograph: James Fenlon

It may not be very often that a vote of thanks is offered to the Irish Revenue Commissioners. Yet without them who would find the way to lock 26 on th(...)

James Quinn who has been charged with the murder of Gary Hutch. Photograph:

James Quinn, whose gun attack on Gary Hutch in 2015 set in chain a murderous underworld feud which has claimed 18 lives, is no stranger to internation(...)

This summer’s food truck festival will serve everything from chocolate to lobster burgers, shark steaks, cuts of crocodile and one truck specialising in insect dishes

When will the humble chip van become the trendy food truck? They’ve been “the next big thing” on the Irish scene for what feels like a long time. But (...)

Textile Ted

Environmentally conscious gifts are the way forward, but they can be a little dull. Enter Textile Ted. This super bear is not only going to save th(...)

Seaweed has a high shudder rating. We barely want to swim near it much less put forkfuls in our mouths. Yet we regularly eat it as an e-number in lots(...)