George Seawright: was reported as saying Catholics who objected to the singing of the British national anthem were “Fenian scum” who should be burned in an incinerator. Photograph: Pacemaker

The British government’s dilemma about dealing with Belfast loyalist politician George Seawright is highlighted in new files. Mr Seawright died from (...)

Sun worshipper: August Engelhardt, founder of the Cocovore community

‘There’s this true story about when Oliver North came to Ireland,” says Adrian McKinty. “It’s a crackpot idea, but he gets himself an Irish passport a(...)

Pascal O’Hare solicitor who brought significant life experience to his profession.

Paschal O’Hare, who has died in his native Belfast, was one of the new breed of energetic Northern solicitors who came to the fore with the start of t(...)