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One of Gordon Snell’s topical Christmas cards

Is the practice of sending Christmas cards diminishing? My own, output and input, have dropped considerably in the past few years. Digital, text messa(...)

 IRA men Peter Barnes and James McCormack were hanged for their part in a bomb in Coventry in 1939 that killed five civilians.   Éamon de Valera’s Fianna Fáil government appealed for clemency but would execute six IRA men during the second World War. Photograph: Getty Images

The second World War was a conflict that claimed tens of millions of lives worldwide. Although Ireland adopted a neutral stance during the war, it wou(...)

De Valera with the Irish high commissioner, John Whelan Dulanty

The small, rotund man the constable is holding back in this photograph is my father, Mick Dowling. It appeared in the London Evening News on Januar(...)