George Orwell

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They’ve got gay marriage, can’t they just get on with it now? This, and similar sentiments start to swirl around the edges of a certain kind of conver(...)

Knowing my considerable infatuation with the place, not a few people have suggested that a restoration project is calling out to me: why not restore “Reeky Bog House” and turn it into a holiday home?

The Flanagan ancestral seat – the place where my father and his numerous brothers and sisters were born and raised until the whole family was moved ea(...)

Eventually the structural restoration works required involved a steel frame embedded in a concrete floor tied into the walls with specially designed bolts.

In the infamous “Room 101” of George Orwell’s 1984, the unlucky occupant is exposed to their greatest fears. Burial alive? Impalement? Rats? In my c(...)

Sergei Naryshkin, director of Russia’s  Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR): “The West is drawing a new iron curtain around itself.”  Photograph: Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images

Russia has accused British and US secret services of masterminding the poisoning of a former Russian double agent in the UK and of bullying their west(...)

“Leo Varadkar comes from a generation that places an enormous premium on being connected and being in touch, that is locked in the feedback loop of approval.” Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

John Concannon, head of the Government’s now notorious Strategic Communications Unit (SCU), is not Josef Goebbels. The SCU is not, as one might think (...)

David Byrne turns 66 in May. He hasn’t exactly been lying low of late, so it is somewhat shocking to learn that American Utopia is actually his first (...)

Chinese censors briefly banned the letter ‘N’ from the internet this week. File photograph: Getty Images

It is the 14th letter in the English alphabet and, in Scrabble, the springboard for more than 600 eight-letter words. But for the Communist party of (...)

Phelim Drew in ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’ at Wexford Arts Centre

Down and Out in Paris and London Wexford Arts Centre Thursday November 9th 8pm €16/€14 Written in 1933, George Orwell’s Down a(...)

Football fans hold Catalan flags  before FC Barcelona’s match with Girona at the Estadi Montilivi. Photograph: Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images

On the pitch, good – nine wins in nine league and Champions League games this season – off it, troubling for FC Barcelona. It is entering uncharted wa(...)

Residents who support a united Spain give their farewell to Spanish police officer leaving the Pineda de Mar hotels in Barcelona. Photograph: Andreu Dalmau/EPA

Most of today’s nations emerged from the dissolution of empires. Nationalisms now threaten the dissolution of states. The independence movement in Cat(...)

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