Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party (Ukip), will be campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union. Photograph: Will Oliver/EPA

Leader of the British Ukip party Nigel Farage has insisted he is one of six people who can shift public opinion during the EU referendum on a Brexit.(...)

London Mayor Boris Johnson arrives home in London on Sunday. He has announced that he would be campaigning for a British exit from the EU. Photograph: Getty

Boris Johnson has declared that he is to join the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union. The London mayor put an end to months of specula(...)

Last week, Galloway said that, “Defeat in this case would have been financially ruinous to me which is of course what the corporations count on in such cases. They have limitless resources not least because they pay almost no taxes.” Photograph: Eric Luke.

George Galloway’s legal victory in Belfast last week is a welcome if limited check on the power of multinational internet businesses such as Google. T(...)

Former Bradford West MP George Galloway. Mr Galloway has tweeted that he is to launch a legal challenge to his loss in the UK general election. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Former UK MP George Galloway has signalled that he is starting a legal challenge against his defeat in last week’s general election.Mr Galloway won th(...)

Nick Clegg and his wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez.  Mr Clegg announced his resignation as leader of the Liberal Democrats after a dismal election performance. Photographer: Paul Thomas/Bloomberg

Election enthusiasts and social media users had barely settled into their seats on Thursday night when the arrival of exit poll projections dashed (...)

George Galloway ost out to Labour’s Naseem Shah, who won with nearly 20,000 votes.

Respect leader George Galloway has vowed to return to politics after losing his seat, three years after storming to victory in a by-election.The Scot,(...)

William Hague and his wife, Ffion. In the last election, the former Conservative leader won the Richmond seat by more than 23,000 votes. Photograph: Gerry Penny/AFP/Getty Images

Every vote counts, but some count a lot more than others. When British voters go to the polls on Thursday, the great majority of them will do so knowi(...)

Shia fighters, who have joined the Iraqi army to fight against militants of the Islamic State, take part in field training in the desert region between Kerbala and Najaf, south of Baghdad. Photograph: Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters

British prime minister David Cameron easily won the approval of MPs for bombing strikes against Islamic State (formerly known as Isis) militants in(...)

Screen grab image taken from the Twitter feed of @ukrespectparty of George Galloway on his way to hospital last night after being attacked. Photograph: Press Association

A British MP who declared an “Israel-free zone” in a northern English city suffered a suspected broken jaw in an attack believed to be linked to his s(...)

Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson said he planned to   meet local Muslim leaders to ‘demonstrate my ongoing support for them as integral law-abiding citizens in Northern Ireland’. Photograph: The Irish Times

Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson has moved to try to dampen an escalating controversy caused by his decision to defend a Belfast Prote(...)

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