The requirement to limit noise was one of the factors leading to the development of high-bypass turbofan engines to replace older turbojets.

If you have ever tried to sleep under a flightpath near an airport, you will know how serious the problem of aircraft noise can be. It is among the l(...)

George Gabriel Stokes, son of Skreen, Co Sligo, and biologist of note, in addition to being a notable mathematician and physicist.

One of Ireland’s greatest scientists, George Gabriel Stokes, made major contributions to the fields of physics, fluidics, optics and mathematics, but (...)

A Royal Navy helicopter hovering over the stricken yacht Camargue, ready to winch up the last of eight crew members in the wake of the Fastnet race disaster. File  photograph: PA/PA Wire

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Fastnet Race disaster in August 1979, when a severe storm caused the deaths of 15 of the competing yachtsmen and (...)

George Gabriel Stokes made profound contributions to hydrodynamics and devised and performed many ingenious experiments in optical science. Portrait: The Royal Society

Ireland should do much more to recognise “the immense contribution to the world of science” made by mathematician and physicist George Gabriel Stokes (...)

Storm Ophelia over Ireland: ‘In every weather forecast, in every climate model, somewhere deep down in the code the fundamentals of that are the Navier-Stokes equations. They underpin everything.’

George Gabriel Stokes was born in Sligo 200 years ago, but his influence is still writ large across science and technology today. In fact, it felt a l(...)

The Pitch Drop experiment

Later this year a big black blob of sticky pitch will plummet from a funnel and plop into a beaker. In one of the longest-running physics exper(...)