Genghis Khan

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A young Mongolian herder child, with a tradition ger (tent) in the background, braves the cold. Photograph: Paula Bronstein /Getty Images

The interior of the van is covered with thick purple padding to protect passengers from the worst of the bumps, giving it the look and feel of a hip r(...)

A villager walks on a paved-over section of the Great Wall of China at Suizhong. Chinese social media users were in uproar over restoration of the 635-year-old section. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

The Chinese government has said it will investigate a crude repair job on an 8km stretch of the centuries-old Great Wall, transforming it into what l(...)

Donnie Campbell and Andrew Murray high in the Namib Dunes. Photograph: Johnny Graham, DigitalPict Photography

There is no doubt that ultra-running medic Andrew Murray is up for a challenge. The doctor has completed an ultra-marathon on each continent in seven (...)

Mongol emperor Genghis Khan.

Three British tourists who were arrested in northern China have arrived back in the UK. The tourists include Hoosain Jacobs (74) and his wife Tahira ((...)

Tourists walk along the Great Wall of China. Adverse natural conditions and reckless human activities – including stealing the bricks to build houses – are doing more damage to China’s most famous landmark than the Mongol hordes ever did.File photograph: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

Nearly one-third of the most commonly accessed section of the Great Wall of China, the longest wall in the world, has disappeared and drastic measures(...)

Texters were “vandals who are doing to our language what Genghis Khan did to his neighbours 800 years ago: they are destroying it”. Well, maybe not.  Photograph: Getty Images

There’s a song called My KZ, Ur BF by the band Everything Everything, and I love everything about it, not least because it illustrates how text messag(...)

Larkin about: Ken Loach in Cannes. “I’ve been involved in every attempt to gather together a united left.  If you can unite all that discontent you would have a big movement”

The National Front tops the European Parliament vote in France. Golden Dawn win 10 per cent of the same vote in Greece. Lega Nord win 6 per cent in It(...)

Iain Barber of Fingal Living History Society at the launch earlier this year of a programme of events to commemorate Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf. Photograph: Eric Luke

One thousand years ago this week, Brian Boru, High King of all Ireland, defeated Norse King Sitric Silkenbeard of Howth at the Battle of Clonta(...)

Researchers at NUI Maynooth have discovered a microscopic worm that battles to the death in order to kill off rivals, protect a food source and get to claim all the females. Photograph:  Frank Miller

Researchers at NUI Maynooth have discovered a microscopic worm that battles to the death (...)

Women wearing traditional burghas walk past the ancient Citadel fortress in Herat. Photographs: John D McHugh

Distorted and discordant music clashed with the torturous squeals of the rickety Ferris wheel as Abdul Zahid helped a rare customer into a gondola. “O(...)

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