A memorial for Sandra Bland near where she was arrested in Prairie View, Texas. Photograph: Ilana Panich-Linsman/The New York Times

The family of a black motorist found hanged in her Texas jail cell after being held in police custody following a traffic stop has reached a $1.9 mill(...)

Pallbearers carry the casket of Sandra Bland during the funeral service in the Chicago suburb of Willow Springs. Photograph: Reuters

Hundreds of people have attended the funeral of Sandra Bland, a black woman found dead in a Texas jail cell days after she was arrested following a mi(...)

Jeanette Williams places a bouquet of roses at a memorial for Sandra Bland in Texas. Photograph: Pat Sullivan/AP

Sandra Bland stated to officers when she arrived in jail that she had tried to kill herself last year but was not currently feeling suicidal, accordin(...)

A woman places a bouquet of roses at a memorial for Sandra Bland near Prairie View A&M University on Tuesday. Photograph: Pat Sullivan/AP

Authorities in the US have insisted that a patrol car video showing the arrest of a black motorist, who was later found dead in a jail cell, was not e(...)