Gary Rhodes

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Fiid founder Shane Ryan: Ryan says convenience is his major goal and has centred his food products on this

When it comes to food innovation it’s all about finding a niche and putting a new twist on it. Shane Ryan, Katerina Kazantza, Artjom Blackred and Sju(...)

 Jenny Holland and Brian Donnelly   in their ramen shop in Belfast. Photograph:   Arthur Allison/Pacemaker Press

It’s probably fair to say that the middle-aged woman and her mother who have wandered into Bia Rebel, a ramen shop in Belfast, may have been lured in (...)

James Boland and Garrett Fitzgerald  at the Brother Hubbard cafe on Capel Street. Photograph: Leo Byrne

“It’s beside us, it became available and it was very hard to ignore.” Garrett Fitzgerald is talking about the expansion of his Capel Street cafes Brot(...)

The Baufritz HQ in Erkheim, Germany

Baufritz may not be a brand that most Irish people are aware of just yet, but a property developer in north Co Dublin is hoping a new collaboration wi(...)

The spikey hair may be gone,  but the cheeky grin  is still there  . . . TV chef Gary Rhodes has devised a recipe for a Dublin takeaway

Gary Rhodes – remember him, the spikey-haired UK TV chef who once had his name over the door of a restaurant on Capel Street – is the latest guest r(...)