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“For many savers, the consolation to record-low returns is the fact that inflation, too, is almost non-existent. According to figures from the Central Statistics Office, prices fell by 1.2 per cent in the year to September.” File photograph: Getty

On one level it doesn’t make sense. Returns on deposits are now trending to zero but money is continuing to flow into deposits at record rates. In fa(...)

Some 16 data centres became operational in 2018 with a further 28 in development, according to a new report. Photograph:   Alan Betson

Dublin is now Europe’s largest data hosting cluster, surpassing London with 25 per cent of the European market, according to a new report, which also (...)

Irish data centres employ about 5,700 people and have generated €1.6 billion in direct economic benefits since 2010.

Apple’s decision to shelve plans for a €850 million data centre in Co Galway hasn’t stopped other companies from wanting to build such facilities here(...)

Ireland’s 380,000 Vodafone shareholders were rewarded this month when the company began paying them cash following the sale of its US business (...)