Freddy Sherry

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For decades there has been talk of reforming the Leaving Cert and boosting the chances of students from disadvantaged schools. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

The official reaction from the Minister for Education Norma Foley was muted. “The Minister for Education has received the judgment of Mr Justice Mee(...)

An action by Freddy Sherry, a Leaving Cert student at Dublin’s Belvedere College, has been chosen as the lead challenge over the calculated grades process. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien

The State is facing more than 20 High Court challenges from Leaving Cert students over the calculated grades process and awarding of college places th(...)

  Mr Justice Meenan made directions for the exchange of documents between the sides for the October 21st hearing.

An action by a Leaving Cert student at Dublin’s Belvedere College has been chosen as the “lead” challenge over the standardisation of 2020 Leaving Cer(...)