Over at the website for One Molesworth Street, you can discover that the Henry J Lyons-designed office block, which houses the Ivy Restaurant at ground level, “has been carefully sculpted to sit comfortably within the historic context”. Image: Visual Lab.

A trouble with architecture is that, by the time it’s built, it’s way too late to do anything about it – apart from, to quote Frank Lloyd Wright, plan(...)

Landscaped gardens

Trundling around in our lockdown hamster wheels, the days begin to look the same, as do the neighbourhoods and landmarks within our 5km perimeters. W(...)

A modest background meant Paul McClean was often playing catch up in architecture college. now he creates homes for the richest people in the world(...)

One of a pair of hot-air balloon light fittings from the Dawson Hotel (€800-€1,200) that will feature at the Niall Mullen and Victor Mee sale.

From way back when we used to socialise, patrons of Dawson Street’s Sam’s bar and the Dawson Hotel – with its industrial art deco fittings and Frank L(...)

 Protesters   in Madison, state capital of  Wisconsin,  in the aftermath of the  killing  of George Floyd  in police custody. Photograph: Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire

In Truman Capote’s dark but brilliant novel In Cold Blood, the author takes us on a trip through America’s landscape. From the murder of the Clutter (...)

Gloriously daft: Steve Martin as Dr Hfuhruhurr in The Man with Two Brains

He’s a master of slapstick, a surrealist clown, the don of comic film roles from Roxanne to The Jerk. As he turns 75, comics including Sarah Silverman(...)

The Downs, Ballycuggaran, Ogonnoloe, Killaloe, Co Clare

A thousand years ago the village of Killaloe in Co Clare was considered the capital of Ireland. It is the birthplace of the Munster warlord Bria(...)

A2 Architects at Close Encounter at the Glucksman Cork Cork. Photograph: Jed Niezgoda

The popularity of Open House, the worldwide free architecture festival, shows the huge level of interest in how, and where, we live and work or, at th(...)

The Kirwans’ open-plan livnig space

Co Wicklow residents Joyce and Jonathan Kirwan were just about to embark on a big extension and refurbishment of their family home, when their plans t(...)

Concrete jungle: the US embassy in Dublin, designed by John M Johansen and completed in 1964. Photograph: Paul Tierney/Dublin City Council

Ugly, hated and dated, it can feel as if the years between 1940 and 1970 were wilderness ones in Ireland: decades that taste and time forgot. As our n(...)

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