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A Facebook app logo displayed on a smartphone in Los Angeles. Photograph: Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

Europe’s failure to produce a Twitter or Snapchat endears the continent to me. I don’t think I have ever made an Instagram or Facebook post. I found t(...)

Paddington 2: has more reviews on the site than any other title with a 100 per cent rating

Imagine living in a world where you got news only from headlines. Some do. There really are people out there who believe that Citizen Kane just lost t(...)

A scene from Bob Clark’s 1983 film A Christmas Story

Allow me to tell you a Christmas story about the differences between us and them. For the last century or so, worried old people have complained that(...)

Some greybeard was always suggesting that Claudette Colbert revealing her thigh in It Happened One Night was more erotic than all the huffing and puffing in Caligula

For many decades the easily shocked have been suggesting that Hollywood should reject explicit sexual depictions and go back to the hints and suggesti(...)

Rose Byrne and Steve Carell in Irresistible. Photograph: Daniel McFadden/Focus Features

Jon Stewart, directing his second feature, has focused on a key discontent in contemporary American politics: the gulf between the coastal elite and .(...)

Ireland players bow to applaud fans after the  Group A victory over Scotland in  Yokohama, Japan. Photograph:  Stu Forster/Getty Images

There aren’t many people watching rugby in Hiroshima. It’s a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon in the city and most visitors, day-tripping from the more fa(...)

French pulmonologist Dr Irene Frachon with a photobook depicting portraits of ‘mediator victims’ as she arrives at court. Photograph: Getty

France’s second largest pharmaceutical company, Servier, went on trial on Monday for manslaughter, causing injury, corruption, deception, destroying e(...)

Trump supporters: Star Wars miniatures line out for Donald Trump. Photograph: David Gilliver/Barcroft via Getty

Hello, Trump fans! I’m joking, of course. Even the stereotypical Irish Times reader – so demonised by Angry Twitter (“Neoliberal, Dublin 4 Centri(...)

Richard Jenkins: Oacar-nominated for The Shape of Water. Photograph: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

It’s the morning after the London premiere of Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water, and Richard Jenkins – one of that film’s stars – is still marve(...)

Tom Hanks at his office in Santa Monica, California. Photograph: Jake Michaels/The New York Times

Lovely, lovely Tom Hanks – whom only a heel could dislike – has just published his first collection of short stories. If we know anything about Hanks (...)

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