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The euro is now the currency of 340 million people in 19 countries and internationally meets the key criteria of wide acceptability as a means of exchange and as a store of value. Photograph: iStock

Sometimes European politics has found a way to take a step forward. At a summit of European Union leaders in the Dutch town of Maastricht in December (...)

“Nagging questions about the relevance of our growth metrics and in particular the contribution of multinationals remain while, on the horizon, Brexit and changes to the global tax environment loom large.”

A slew of data about the Irish economy published in the past two weeks all points to a remarkable turnaround in the State’s economic fortunes. Headl(...)

“Nice pace – shame about the maple leaf socks.” Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar jogging in the Phoenix Park. Photograph: PA Wire

We are living through a golden period of Canadian-Irish relations, if we are to take the level of engagement between the two governments at face value(...)

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stands on a red carpet in Shannon Airport during a visit in 2014. Photograph: Sean Curtin.

Both Donald Trump and Minister for Finance Michael Noonan have been talking potatoes recently. The two go back some way, most memorably when, excrucia(...)

The Orbsen Therapeutics team. The company has already worked on a number of FP7-funded cell therapy projects

Orbsen Therapeutics, a spin-out from NUI Galway’s Regenerative Medicine Institute (Remedi) has announced plans to partner with the University o(...)

The trials involve injecting adult stem cells derived from adipose tissue or fat into cartilage to stimulate its regeneration

Researchers in Galway predict that stem cells could be used to treat osteoarthritis withi(...)

The Orbsen Therapeutics team: the next steps for the company are to continue to raise small amounts of domestic private equity and funding to finance operational costs as it moves towards completion of early stage clinical trials

Breakthroughs in stem cell research tend to be announced with quite some fanfare but this was very deliberately not the case with Orbsen Therapeutics.(...)

Embryonic stem cells have been highly valued for their ability to turn into any type of cell in the body.

Stem cells can be manufactured for human use for the first time in Ireland, following Irish Medicines Board licensing of a new facility in Galway.NUI (...)

Colm KeenaPublic Affairs CorrespondentForeign direct investment into Ireland in 2012 was €30 billion, up from €17 billion the previous year, according(...)

Prof Mark Post developed the ‘in vitro’ burger using stem cells from a slaughtered cow which develop into a strip of muscle cells after being cultured in a synthetic broth containing vital nutrients. Photograph: Reuters

The world’s most expensive hamburger will be served in a London restaurant today, made entirely from synthetic meat at a cost of €250,000.A live strea(...)

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