A French Rafale fighter jet performing in the southern Indian city of Bangalore in 2011. Photograph: Jagadeesh NV/EPA

India has signed a €7.9 billion deal with France in New Delhi for 36 Dassault Rafale fighters to boost its declining combat squadrons. The inter-gove(...)

A Syrian Turkmen brigade deputy commander holds handles believed to be parts of a parachute from  the downed Russian warplane near the Turkish-Syrian border. Photograph: Reuters

Senior Russian politicians warned Turkey to expect economic retaliation after it shot down a Russian jet fighter over its border with Syria, amid in(...)

French minister of state for veteran affairs Jean-Marc Todeschini has presented one of Ireland’s last surviving second World War veterans with France’(...)

What do you think might play when Enda’s phone rings? Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

British prime minister David Cameron stopped a recent cabinet meeting to give his chief whip Michael Gove a bit of a dressing down.The former minister(...)