The lead singer of heavy metal band Def con Dos, César Strawberry, who has sentenced to a year in prison for posting jokes about Eta and Grapo and talking about bombing the monarch

Freedom of expression in Spain has come under scrutiny after a heavy metal singer was handed a prison sentence for posting jokes on Twitter about ter(...)

The Late Late Toy Show 1974, featuring Gaybo and  a child with a wheelbarrow filled with smoke alarms

As the country’s premier library of artefacts from our nation’s past, we here at Remembering Ireland HQ know fine well what place Christmas holds in (...)

Pro-indepedence graffiti in Avià, which quotes the separatist Lluís Maria Xirinacs: “Fight against the strong when we are weak and against ourselves when we are strong.” Photograph: Guy Hedgecoe

The sleepy agricultural town of Avià struggles to live up to Catalonia’s reputation as Spain’s richest region. On a weekday morning, few people are vi(...)

Emilio Mola (fourth from right) walks behind Francisco  Franco at Burgos in 1936. Photograph: Ullstein Bild/Getty Images)

Authorities in the Spanish city of Pamplona have exhumed the bodies of two of the chief conspirators in the military uprising that sparked the countr(...)

A file photograph of Mikel Irastorza. Photograph: Javier Etxezarreta/EPA

Spain said security forces had arrested the head of Basque militant separatist group ETA in south-western France on Saturday in a joint operation betw(...)

Actors James D’Arcy and María Valverde in a scene from Guernica, a new film by Basque director Koldo Serra.

The bombing of the town of Guernica was one of the defining moments of the Spanish civil war. The attack by the German Luftwaffe on the Basque town, o(...)

San Sebastian bay in the Basque Country. Photograph: Getty Images
San Sebastian: Basque in the culture
  • Europe
  • September 17, 2016, 03:00

Beautiful and creative but marked by a troubled past, San Sebastian in northern Spain could be – aptly enough for this city in thrall to film – a crea(...)

Once a lively mining hub, Ciñera de Gordón is now a shadow of itself. “They’re selling everything,” Ángel Lobato Rabanal, a retired miner, told Diario de Valderrueda newspaper. “But who’s going to buy it?”

There is no sign up to advertise it, but the residents of Ciñera de Gordón, in northern Spain, are aware their village is up for sale. The price: €122(...)

Nazi escape route: Margaret Kearney Taylor, the Irish emigre who owned the Embassy tea room in Madrid

After Margaret Kearney Taylor died her friends couldn’t believe what they discovered. This graceful Irish emigre, who owned the Embassy tea salon on (...)

María José Jiménez: fell just under 4,000 votes short of victory in December last, a small margin separating her from what would have been a historic achievement. Photograph: Guy Hedgecoe

When María José Jiménez was campaigning for a seat in Spain’s congress of deputies on behalf of the leftist party Podemos in last December’s general e(...)

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