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Musician turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, at his home in Wakiso, Uganda, on Friday, announcing  his plans to take president Yoweri Museveni to the International Criminal Court. Photograph: Sumy Sadurni/AFP via Getty Images

Uganda’s opposition has petitioned the International Criminal Court (ICC) to begin an investigation into senior government officials – including long-(...)

Ugandan politician Robert Kyagulanyi, better known as pop star Bobi Wine: plans to run for president in January 2021. Photograph: Biko Macoins

As Africa tops 500,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, activists and opposition politicians are accusing the continent’s leaders of using the crisis to i(...)

Khalid Mahmoud (39): was arrested for planning to carry out a food distribution for orphans, widows and other vulnerable people. Photograph: Sally Hayden

Khalid Mahmoud was at home when police and local authorities arrived to arrest him. “You are being arrested for committing attempted murder,” he remem(...)