Subjects report that the experience is not dream-like, but feels ‘realer than real’. Photograph: Getty

Near death experience (NDE) is precipitated by life-threatening experiences such as heart attack, blunt trauma, shock, asphyxia and so on. The phenome(...)

Storm Ophelia passing Porthcawl in Wales. Photograph: Rebecca Naden/Reuters

1. The wind that shakes the barley. 2. The wind that shakes everything else, but leaves Teresa Mannion heroically upright. 3. Wind that’s misspelt(...)

President Barack Obama on the election trail in 2012: Nate Silver, a US baseball league analyst, successfully predicted the outcome in each of the 50 US states during the last US presidential election. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Francis Beaufort from Navan invented the scale of wind strength now named after him in 1805. He had been shipwrecked at the age of 15, and devoted his(...)