The Northern Assembly’s new committee for finance will have to decide if it intends to continue with the inquiry into the sale of Nama’s Northern Ireland loan portfolio

The move by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) to make its first two arrests in the North in connection with its 10-month inquiry into the sale of N(...)

Seagate is one of the largest local employers in the North West and currently employs nearly 1,400 people.

Seagate Technology, the American data storage solutions company, is to make 70 people redundant at its facility in Derry. Senior management from the (...)

Canadian aerospace group Bombardier plans to add to the North’s unemployment woes with a potential 630 job losses

A new minister for the economy is about to be appointed in the North amid clear warnings about the challenges ahead, with 500 in Ballymena, Co Antrim,(...)

Stormont buildings. Danske Bank’s chief economist Angela McGowan said key issues for the North such as health and further education got “no air time at all” in the latest budget.

The Northern Ireland Executive will use an additional £223 million (€283m) of funding that it will receive over the next four years following the late(...)

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors residential property survey shows while demand is increasing in certain postcodes, the overall market in the North is still in recovery

Bidding wars on highly sought after homes in the greater Belfast area are again becoming a feature of the property market as “supply remains a key iss(...)

Microsoft is on the hunt for “great talent and innovation” this week in Northern Ireland as part of its Greenshoots programme

Grumbling parents complaining about the price of high-tech Christmas presents for their off-spring might like to re-think the cost of the outlay follo(...)

Belfast City Hall: Jefferies LoanCore  considers Belfast one of its core markets, while it is on the lookout for opportunities across the whole island. Photograph: Thinkstock

Although it is also the season for indulging in fairytales, Chris Wilson claims there is a very real light at the end of the tunnel for not onl(...)

Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson. Developer Paddy Kearney said he got in touch with Mr Robinson to ask for his help in dealing with Nama

“Nama did in three years without firing a shot what the terrorists couldn’t do in 50 years,” property developer Paddy Kearney said when giving evidenc(...)

The Treasury Building, home to Nama, in Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

The key architects of the deal that ultimately became Nama’s sale of its Project Eagle loans to US investor Cerberus last year were accountant David W(...)

Frank Cushnahan: Nama said he  never disclosed any interest to it relating to Pimco or its attempts to buy the loan portfolio. Photograph: Press Eye

Belfast businessman Frank Cushnahan was directly engaged in a plan to sell Nama’s Northern Ireland loans, that would involve a £15 million (€20.4 m(...)

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