Pollan can be grilled or pickled as with herring, or fried with a crispy layer of breadcrumbs. Photograph: iStock

There are not too many fish that can only be found in Ireland. Pollan, rarely eaten in Ireland nowadays, is only found in five lakes in Ireland: (...)

Marrows have been grown in England for at least two centuries (1822), but courgettes don’t get a mention until the 1960s. Photograph: iStock

Courgettes, as with all of the squash family, began their lives in Central America and were brought back to Europe by Spanish sailors. Surprisingly, t(...)

Asparagus can be pickled quite easily. Photograph: iStock

Why did Ireland never take to canning in the way that other countries, such as Spain and Canada, have done? I am perpetually surprised when I travel t(...)

‘Successive waves of migrants changed the Irish food landscape every so often, from the first farmers to the Celts, Vikings and Normans,’ says JP McMahon.  Photograph: Fusionshooters

Before writing my new book, I had one misgiving: did the world need another book about Irish food? Surely there were enough already. But each generati(...)

Panna cotta: I love to use buttermilk to give it an Irish twist. Photograph: iStock

A panna cotta is an Italian dessert of “cooked” cream with sugar, gelatin and various flavours such as vanilla, fruit or coffee. But what gives the It(...)

Fresh kohlrabi: in Germany they eat them like apples. Photograph: iStock

Is it the wettest August on record? The rain seems unceasing. At least it is good for the grass, my daughter says. For the vegetables too, I reply. W(...)