Fionn Rogan

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We know all about millennials. They’re narcissistic, entitled, easily offended, over-sharers. Or, so the stereotype goes. But what about “Generation Z(...)

‘Young workers must accept their fate relies on co-operation. If you accept an unpaid internship, you undercut your generation.’ Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

My generation’s most basic needs have become aspirational. They are something to be yearned for. Something to be earned. Something our society cannot (...)

‘I know there is more to our generation than such inane anxieties. I know we are more capable than our social media consumption would suggest.’ Photograph: Getty Images

My generation is experiencing an extended childhood. Exorbitant rents are preventing us from leaving the nest, once a vital milestone in the maturatio(...)

Fionn Rogan working at Java Republic on Molesworth Street. He sparked a debate this week when he wrote about how his generation was being increasingly infantilised, due to soaring rents and a loss of financial independence. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Young people are living at home for longer, staying in full-time education in ever-greater numbers, and avoiding adult commitments. We are in the mids(...)