Donegal brothers Conor and Michael Murray

Saturday, November 30th Sheryl Bailey & Peter Moc Group Arthurs, Dublin Czech-born guitarist Peter Moc first presented his tribute to the music o(...)

13 Stories, McCreagh’s third solo album, sounds like a singer who has been doing it all her life.

Irish vocalist Carmel McCreagh spent her formative years in London during the swinging sixties, flirting with music but never really dedicating hersel(...)

Flo McSweeney: ‘I had always sensed I was sometimes treated like a flibberty-gibberty, girly-girl pop singer, someone of not much substance.’ Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

To say men with more ego and little more skill than your average X Factor contestant dominated the rock-pop music scene in 1980s Ireland is to underst(...)

John O’Conor and Veronica McSwiney at the NCH

It’s a remarkable fact that John O’Conor and Veronica McSwiney never gave a concert together before last Wednesday. These two Irish pianists have know(...)

The self-described “wordy thing” finally releases a new solo CD, some 18 years after his last foray, Gorgeous & Bright. Thom Moore brings his A(...)

Carmel McCreagh: Skylark

Like a consummate actor, Wicklow singer Carmel McCreagh gives every lyric its due, so it’s fitting that she’s chosen the songs of lyricist John(...)