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Reports this week said the US was considering a concession to China that would roll back levies on $112bn (€101.4bn) of Chinese imports  that were introduced at a 15 per cent on September 1st

China and the US have agreed to remove some tariffs, according to Beijing, in a sign that the world’s two biggest economic powers may be moving closer(...)

The New York Stock Exchange  on Friday: US stocks fell and treasuries rose as investors assessed the latest threat to the global trade order and a disappointing jobs report. Photograph: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg

Stock markets edged downwards on Friday after US president Donald Trump’s threat to impose an extra $100 billion in tariffs on China exacerbated fears(...)

 The Shanghai zone covers an area of almost 29sq km on the eastern outskirts of the commercial hub and was officially launched in late September. Photograph:   ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Deutsche Bank has been given the green light by Chinese regulators to set up a sub-branch in the freshly minted Shanghai free-trade zone, joining Citi(...)

GlaxoSmithKline: Chinese police believe GSK used travel agencies and consultancies as a conduit to bribe doctors and lawyers to boost sales and profits

The Chinese authorities have stepped up their investigation into accusing it of being the ringleader of a half-a-billion-dollar bribery scandal invol(...)