Fever Ray: headlining the Body and Soul stage on Friday at the festival

Body & Soul Stage Friday, June 22nd 00:30-01:45 Olof Dreijer DJ Set 23:00-00:15 Fever Ray 21:10-22:10 Fatima Al Qadiri 19:40- 20:40 FAK(...)

Karin Dreijer as Fever Ray: creator of visually popping, expressive live shows

Don’t try to encapsulate Karin Dreijer by using tired old metrics. The breadth of her vision is such that it requires the most powerful of scopes to b(...)

Brute is where Fatima Al Qadiri takes a long look at the world around her and finds plenty which disturbs her. In her past solo and collaborativ(...)

There’s plenty of all-star form in Future Brown’s geographically diverse ranks. Between them, Kuwaiti native Fatima Al Qadiri, LA duo Asam Mar(...)

Fatima Al Qadiri was born in Senegal to Russian parents, raised in Kuwait and now lives in Brooklyn. Her backstory mirrors the eclecticism on Asiat(...)