Evald Flisar

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Evald Flisar: hovers on the realist side of surreal.   Photograph: Tihomir Pinter

They could be a family like any other and appear to be just that, merely marginally dysfunctional, no more, no less. Dad, a depressed, struggling alco(...)

Meryl Streep in Sydney Pollack’s 1985 film Out of Africa, which revived interest in the 1937 memoir by  Karen Blixen or Isak Dinsen in which it was based. It drew on her experiences running a coffee-plantation in Kenya, at first with her husband, then on her own. An eccentric Danish aristocrat may not seem the most likely chronicler of life in Africa but she is a natural storyteller, blessed with a precise, elegant and commendable flair for ironic epigrams

It’s the light, it’s the heat that hits you with the force of a punch to the chest, it’s the menaced turn and stare into the eyes of an animal more(...)