Eva Orsmond

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Trade between Ireland and Greece chiefly involves chemicals, veterinary medicine and other drugs.

There are 15 countries on Ireland’s “green list”, destinations to which the Government says it is now safe to travel – and no longer necessary to quar(...)

Dr Eva Orsmond is the anti-Dermot Bannon while her husband Wyatt is a no-nonsense engineer in cargo shorts.

If Room to Improve has taught us anything, it’s that the Irish have an endless taste for programmes about stressed people doing up their houses. Archi(...)

Much of the show is taken up with her seeking confirmation of her own youth

Why not begin with an old joke? A man goes for a check-up and asks, Doctor, if I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, but exercise all the time a(...)

Pregnant women who “allow” themselves to become overweight are “criminal”, and placing needless strain on the healthcare system. That is the verdict o(...)

Dr Eva Orsmond at her home in Co Wicklow. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Famous for her forthright manner on RTÉ’s Operation Transformation, Dr Eva Orsmond clearly isn’t one for compromise. “I’m a perfectionist and a bit of(...)

Dancing with the schedule: Adrian Lynch, controller of RTÉ One and RTÉ2.

Ireland’s obsessions with weather and sporting glory will be given pride of place in RTÉ’s new season of television programming, which it will launch (...)

Winging it: Dr Eva Orsmond and partner Sean Smullen. Photograph: RTE

Dr Eva Orsmond is the latest celebrity to be voted off RTE’s Dancing with the Stars, and while she was at the bottom of the judges’ leaderboard last (...)

Dr Eva Orsmond in a scene from her new RTÉ documentary, ‘Medication Nation’.

As a cascade of brightly-hued pills and tablets tumbles down the screen, bouncing against a fathomless black background, it looks for a moment like t(...)

Banana skin: Thalia Heffernan leaves Dancing with the Stars in week four. Photograph: RTE

Week four of RTE’s Dancing with the Stars and our couples are celebrating iconic moments from the silver screen, like that time Indiana Jones defeated(...)

Hughie Maughan: voted off Dancing with the Stars. Photograph: RTE

Hughie Maughan is the first celebrity dancer to be eliminated by public vote from Dancing with the Stars and even though he gently waltzed his way out(...)

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