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Fasting became popular for health reasons after small studies suggested it promotes longevity and a wide range of metabolic benefits. Photograph: iStock

Intermittent fasting is a trendy weight-loss strategy. But a new study found that a popular form of intermittent fasting called time-restricted eating(...)

There are also some concerns that Apple, which has already reshaped how people live, communicate and entertain themselves, is pursuing yet another way to influence society, this time through health. Photograph:  Joel Saget/AFP via Getty Images)

In 1976, the Harvard School of Public Health and two other major medical institutions started a study on nurses that has become one of the largest and(...)

The  most important advice: Do not check your sleep data on a regular basis. Photograph: Andrey Popov/iStock

For the last two weeks, I’ve added an extra step to my bedtime routine – strapping a computer around my wrist. The new nightly move was prompted by a(...)