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Protracted Brexit discussions have highlighted how research and education know no national boundaries. Photograph: iStock

Brexit fatigue has set in. While we are delighted that a “hard Brexit” looks likely to be avoided and that the common travel area is to be preserved, (...)

Points for many science courses have shot up over over recent years, while points for arts courses have fallen

This week a number of major reports confirmed what most recent arts graduates could probably have told you without the need for costly research: they (...)

Arts graduates are among the least likely to be in employment nine months after graduating, and among the most likely to be studying for a post-graduate qualification. Photograph: Getty Images

You’ve probably heard the joke before: science students spend their careers asking “why does it work?”; engineering graduates ponder “how does it work(...)

Brexit presents major opportunities for researchers – but are we ready to grasp them? Image: Getty

Jane Ohlmeyer In an age when science knows no borders, what does Brexit mean for researchers in Ireland? For generations we have studied and collab(...)

In the days before the M8 was constructed Cahir was one of the traffic blackspots on the road to Dublin. As you inched through the streets you did no(...)

Photograph: Thinkstock

There seems to be an obsession that in order to survive the global war on talent our graduates must be herded in ever-greater numbers towards science(...)

Kevin McGee viewing ‘Efforts & Ideals; Prints from The First World War’ at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Parnell Square, Dublin as part of Dublin Festival of History, 2014. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill /The Irish Times

The late princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer is to appear at the Dublin Festival of History tomorrow night. Earl Spencer has written a book abou(...)