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Ten years ago poet and Fianna Fáil supporter Thomas McCarthy said the party was ‘not a political philosophy, as such’ but rather the combination of men, and it was largely men, of ‘certain social origins and frustrated private hopes’.

Ten years ago, just before Fianna Fáil’s decimation in the 2011 general election, poet Thomas McCarthy reflected in a column on the way in which Fiann(...)

Simon Thornton: ‘As soon as I hit it I thought it was in, to be honest.’ Photograph: Patrick Bolger/Getty Images

The guttural roar came from the innermost part of his being. With the dark clouds spitting out rain, Simon Thornton found his own light. The 43-year-o(...)

The Central Bank of Ireland in Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson

The Central Bank’s decision to release almost €1 billion in liquidity to the banking sector could facilitate lending of up to €16 billion, a note publ(...)

Richie Tuohy and Orlagh Eichholz behind the flag that made headlines in 2012. Photograph: Ronan Palliser

The Co Limerick man who captured the German nation’s hearts and the Irish public’s imagination with a cheeky flag has now captured the heart of a Germ(...)

Sinn Féin will make gains but they may also lose out where they were expected to win.   Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Elections should be looked at through the prism of Star Wars series. You always know that no matter how dramatic one episode ends, there’s another one(...)

Eoin O’Brien, martial arts master: “You have to prove yourself job by job”

Eoin O’Brien never thought that moving to Bangkok would lead to a career in action movies. He had originally been drawn to Thailand by the offer of a (...)

Medical students are now being taught how to search and critically appraise the best ‘evidence-based medicine’. Photograph: Thinkstock

We assume that the medicine we receive is evidence based and up to date, but in fact it can take an average of 17 years for evidence to filter down to(...)

High blood pressure should never be diagnosed on the basis of blood pressure measurements in a doctor’s surgery or hospital clinic. Photograph: Thinkstock

There have been many developments in the management and research of high blood pressure, or hypertension, which is now the world’s leading cause of de(...)

Photograph: Louis Monier/Gamma-Rapho via Getty

Between May 1931 and July 1932 Samuel Beckett wrote a novel called Dream of Fair to Middling Women. When it was rejected by several publishers he put (...)