Eoin Macken

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Emma Mackey. Photograph: Joel Saget/AFP via Getty

Lockdown arrived at a busy time for The Sex education actor. She is about to be everywhere Some parts of the French film industry have, it seems(...)

Milla Jovovich (centre) deserves some sort of honorary Oscar for making an effort with dialogue less impressive than that which followed the pulling of Action Man’s string

I honestly don’t want to spoil the fun, but in an era of false news I am obliged to tell you that the title of this film almost certainly contains a (...)

Tim McDonnell and Eoin Mackin. Photograph: Rachel Heald, Sightsavers.

Tim McDonnell is a photographer and actor. He had a photographic studio in Howth and was a member of the lifeboat crew there before moving to London l(...)

Stalker 0:57

Why not just call the thing Citizen Kane and have done with it? By naming his new experimen(...)