Eoin French

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Talos: I will forever have Two Dancers’ tingling aftertaste dancing on my tongue. Photograph: Brendan Canty

Two Dancers was in many ways the soundtrack to my 20s, full of raw humanity, boozy nights, puffed-up chests, questions, fragility and love. The album (...)

TALOS hushed a chatty crowd into half-silence on the Other Voices stage. Photograph: Alan Mulvey on Twitter @al70

TALOS ★★★★ Other Voices TALOS in the perfect surroundings of the over-stuffed Other Voices wooden Wendy house is the ideal way to ease yourself (...)

Karen Sheridan aka Slow Skies returns with Dancing

Hare Squead - Pure Jessy Rose, Tony Konstone and Lilo Blues are building on their major label connect and growing fanbase in UK and North America w(...)

Talos aka Eoin French: “I’m a fan of beautifully made things, I love the idea of people spending time crafting things”

Architects deal in straight lines, but it’s the twists and turns which one of their clan has taken on his musical career which are far more interestin(...)

Blindboy Boatclub (left) with fellow Rubberbandit Mr Chrome

There are approximately 1,041 artists listed to perform at Electric Picnic. Some are artists in the truest sense of the word and some, naturally enou(...)